ProductThe REAL Money Doctor’s College Student’s Money Guide

The REAL Money Doctor’s COLLEGE STUDENT’S MONEY GUIDE  How to guarantee you get where you want to go.

Do you have, or have a friend or relative with a student finishing high school or starting college?

Paying rent, buying food, writing checks, employment paperwork, taxes, college loans and applications and living with others that they may have just met are just some of the day to day challenges that college students face, all before the actual work of taking classes and studying.

Make their life easier and give them a book that they will actually read and use.

College Student’s Money Guide will give them over 30 ways to cut through the clutter and succeed both in college and in life.

For High School Juniors, Seniors, College Freshmen and Sophomores, The REAL Money Doctor details the easy way to cut the problems and stress of college and money while having fun and saving taxes. He provides short, practical,street wise ways to keep your money and sanity for both the student and their parents while learning how to avoid financial disasters before they start. A must read for both students and parents for any college bound student.

“Dr. Rouse has masterfully created the ultimate cheat sheet for financially thriving in college.Every student should have this guide presented to them in orientation!”

Dr David Wells, EdD

Former #1 Nationally Ranked Dean, International Best-selling Author and Coach


The REAL Money Doctor's College Student's Money Guide