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“Dr Fred, I know I’d be fool… possibly even a failure in the eyes of my friends, family and colleagues to not jump on this right now. I can just hear the voice of all those naysayers… ‘You can’t make money trading, it’s just like gambling!” ‘Play it safe and just keep your day job, and continue to be and live average with mediocre pay.’ Well, you proved everyone wrong, and now it’s my turn!”

Now, I have an important message for you...

On Your Deathbed, You Will...

    Remember all the times you knew you should have went for it, yet chickened out. You know, studies of people on their deathbeads reveal that the MOST common feeling is remorse over not taking more chances. "I wish I had really gone for it in life rather than worrying about bills and B.S."   ..."If I only would have taken the opportunities given to me, I could have fulfilled my dreams, and left my family with a whole lot more."    "I wanted the money to help so many people..."    

    Life is freakin' short.      I know that better than most.  I worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist for a number of years. People showed up in the ER. I put tube in their throat and hooked them up to a ventilator. Their families would come in and Wonder if they'd live. A friend of mine had a similar situation. He was out of the city in a remote location and was flat on his back, barely 40 years old, staring up at the ceiling only 6 inches above his nose, listening to the blades of that MediFlight chopper beating every inch of air into a pounding "whyrrr" as it raced him to his 50/50 chance of living. 

    Heart attacks are about as much fun as listening to 17 hours of accordion music cranked up to 120 decibels, yet I'll tell you this: They wake you up. 

    He told me first-hand what he was thinking, in-between the moments of chest-crushing pain and fear:

    "Tom... why didn't you take more chances? Why didn't you live like there was no tomorrow, and really go for it in life?" And he was "successful" by most people's standards. Yet he still felt regret.

    In reality, he wasn't successful. He worked himself right to death's door because he tried to do everything the hard way.

    He still works hard; it's just now he uses a complete trading system (The Quiet Trader EOD Scalping System) to work smarter and earn more cash in less time. 

    It's nothing magical, although at times it will feel that way to you. Ask yourself this:

    Do you really want a life you will never regret?

    Do you really want to have a shot at adding a zero to two, maybe three to your bank balance, all the while providing you and your family with the money and lifestyle they want, need and deserve? 

    Do you really want to make your friends, family and yourself more proud than you have ever dreamed possible? It's either that life free of any financial worries, or you can just sit back and play it safe ...dwell in the Land of the Average ...and settle.  Regret City.

    Trust me: you want to go for it now.  Let me help you do it.

    It’s Time To Resurrect Yourself

    And Grab Hold of a Better Life

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    Gregg Rollett
    Best Selling Author, 7 Figure Entrepreneur, Business Coach, CEO and Emmy Nominated Producer

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    Jack Canfield
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